Thursday, February 24, 2011

Platypus Aircraft For Sale


That's what brought me from Archangel.

Gingerbread "TETERIV"
no less ancient history than the stucco, "roe", are the so-called "grouse" or "Vitushka" which still makes for Mezen and Kargopol.
These unique techniques for modeling and shape of the cakes baked in rye dough, roll out as thin flagella, transforming into figures of animals or spiral geometric shapes that are close to solar sign and ornament relic of cultural monuments.
a wide variety of rituals of Russian life in line with and a variety of gingerbread products. For example, children are small cakes baked in the shape of animals, birds, beasts, with the traditional New Year subjects, as a gift the bride and the young lady gave the carrot in the form of baskets of flowers, hearts, kissing doves, swans, peacocks with relevant case inscriptions: "Signs of Love," "The sign of loyalty," "Sign of memory", "Sign of Friendship", "Whom I love, to bestow," "On the day of an angel."
In the case of large Celebrations baked special cakes, which were called "podnosnye" or "zazdravnye. They are not only impressed by its size (50 cm to 1 m more) and weight (5 to 15 pounds, and in some cases up to 1 pood), but also stands out sophistication and complexity of the picture, as well as high style gifts inscriptions such as "From all my conscience bestow thy mercy" or "Hail Russia's two-headed eagle, for Thou art now the world famous".
Double-headed eagle, hipped towers, statues of lions, unicorns, sturgeon, birds Syria - are the most popular stories "podnosnyh" gingerbread. Given weight and size of the "custom" cakes, they brought horses with extreme caution as to bring such a carrot, not broke it on the road, was a task not easy.


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